Teresa Foxworthy has studied Native American wisdom, as well as other indigenous cultures, with regards to their leadership practices. She was a business analyst for AT&T who has also worked with a dozen hi-tech start-ups. Her Executive Coaching program has helped senior executives with their businesses, their families, and their health.

She has created over 200 personal, professional, community, and organizational development programs for men and women. Teresa lives in Northern California, where she was born and has spent the majority of her adult life.

While spending her elementary and high school days in the Mid-Atlantic, Teresa observed, first-hand, a variety of leadership styles at a wide range of organizations. She recognizes that today, women are needed in positions of leadership more than ever, to help address many issues in our global village.


Theresa Caprio descends from Norwegian and Finnish indigenous people. She has dedicated her life to helping communities with health and wellness goals. And now she is available to teach other women how to practice better self-care on their path of leadership.

For over six years, Theresa ran a holistic health clinic in Northern Italy. While living the last 20 years in San Diego, Theresa worked with women, helping them with their health goals. Her network of healers is extensive in every respect.

Ms. Caprio is available for individual nutritional consultations, and prepares amazing meals at our retreats. She helps women reclaim their well-being and has inexhaustible energy.

Today, Theresa lives in Westport, CT, and recently returned from a retreat in Costa Rica with Barbara Marx Hubbard. She is knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition, gardening, group dynamics, karma yoga.







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